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Honoring fallen heroes

May 31, 2004

Thomasville -Memorial Day is a day to remember all fallen soldiers, most of which were very young when they gave their lives.

Marlin Howze is the commander of the 59th Chapter of Disabled Veterans of America in Thomasville. He says, "When their time was here they were 18, 19, 20 year olds as well. So war is a young man's game, and it's a horrible game, but it's something that has to be met."

War is still calling for more lives to be sacrificed today. Howze says, "The country calls upon us at times to do these things and they have to be done and the spirit of our people is still showing that we've got young people that are over there right now regardless of what shape our culture is in, we still have young men that are brave enough to step forward and go out there and offer up their lives."

Lives that will forever be changed. "If you go and see the eyes of someone who has fought in a battle," Howze says, "you'll notice something that has changed them to a core level."

And to those who have served, today is a day to say Thank you for serving. Today's Memorial service in Thomasville focused on veterans of World War II.

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