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Thirteen traffic fatalities, holiday not over

May 31, 2004

Albany--  Memorial Day weekend is shaping up to be a deadly one: 13 people have been killed on Georgia highways so far.

Hundreds of state troopers are teaming up with local law enforcement to curb the number of deaths.

On the Blaylock overpass, a Georgia State Patrolman and an Albany Police Officer monitored drivers traveling in both directions on the Liberty bypass. It's a statewide effort to cut down on the number of accidents this Memorial Day Weekend.

Trooper Kenneth Jones says, "Well, we have got to get people to slow down and drive with care. The main thing is to cut down on the amount of accidents and try to keep people safe on the road for folks traveling back and forth."

More than 800 troopers are working Georgia's roadways this weekend, which is one of the busiest travel times of the year.

13 people have died in traffic accidents this holiday weekend--the state predicted 13 fatalities. There have been 2,169 accidents, about eighty wrecks shy of the state's prediction of 2,250.

579 people have been injured in traffic accidents this holiday weekend--four more than the 575 traffic-related injuries predicted.

The Memorial Day Weekend officially ends at midnight.

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