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World War II wife remembers

May 29, 2004

Albany -- As the nation pauses to remember our veterans, Memorial Day is also a time to tell the stories of others who were affected by war. This is the story of a World War II wife who waited for two years for her husband to return home from fighting.

"I was stationed in Camp Olive Texas and she was the night operator there," says veteran Walter Kyle.

Walter Kyle remembers his future wife for the first time. And Trudy's first memory of Walter is also one she'll never forget.

"I wasn't impressed," Trudy Kyle teases.

"I was skinny. I had a scrappily mustache and even to get a date with her I had to shave my mustache off so I did," says Walter.

Despite her first impression, Trudy eventually fell in love and the two were married.

But shortly there after Walter, a medical foreman for the Navy, was shipped to fight in the Pacific and Japan leaving behind his newly wed wife.

And like thousands of other wives, she was forced to find a job and wait for any word from her husband.

"There was only letters. We did not have anything but letters-- only letters," says Trudy.

But, the letters of course didn't replace having her husband by her side. She didn't even know where he was.

"It was censored we didn't know where they were going," says Trudy.

"And we weren't allowed to tell them," says Walter.

Two years later Walter finally came home. But even with his happy return, she noticed that man she married had changed forever.

"He had been away and you change. That's another thing I think about the young wives and their husbands coming back from war their husbands will have changed. Maybe you wouldn't have changed but there is going to be quite a change with your husbands," says Trudy.

But even with those changes, Walter and Trudy rebuilt their family. And now decades after they meet, they still reflect on the war that put their love to the test.

The couple continued to serve their country in the military for more than 25 years after the World War II.

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