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Child nearly drowns in pool

May 29, 2004

Albany- The Johnson's inflatable pool is a fun way for the family to cool off during the warm weather, but Saturday it nearly became the scene of a tragic drowning.

"My baby came out the door this morning and said mamma this baby is in this pool. I came down the stairs and she's under water," says Lawanda Johnson.

Johnson ran to pull the 2 year old little girl from the pool. She says the child was shaking, but was breathing. Still, Johnson says she wasn't shocked to find the young child and her 6 year old brother outside unsupervised.

"This baby comes around my house every morning. She might come out here around 7 o'clock in the morning and she's around here trying to get into this pool."

She isn't the only one in the Cromartie Beach Drive neighborhood who's seen the children playing outside alone and been worried about their safety.

Fanoris Jackson saw the two while mowing Johnson's yard Friday morning. Fearing what could happen if they got into the three feet of water by themselves, he decided to alert their family.

"Later on I saw the child's uncle and I let him know that they were down in the alley and they needed to keep them in, and whenever they were missing out of the yard to go down and check by that swimming pool because chances are that's where they would be. It's hot and they're going to want to swim," he says.

Just 24 hours later, Jackson's warnings became reality.

"It's not these people fault that the little girl got in this pool because they did not allow her to. They didn't open that gate to let her get in, so undoubtedly she climbed over or she opened the gate and got in," Jackson says.

Jackson and Johnson both say they are happy the little girl is okay, but hope this incident will prompt family members to keep a closer eye on the children.

The child was treated at the scene and did not have to be transported to the hospital. Police have not released the name of the child.

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