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New cast shines spotlight on Colquitt

May 28, 2004

Colquitt, GA-- A small south Georgia town wants the arts to lure visitors. It already has a film studio, colorful murals and a famous play called Swamp Gravy.

James Middleton is adding a splash of color to Colquitt. "They needed touching up, so I'm doing that."

Just behind the brick wall, actors and actresses are touching up for a musical comedy, but this doesn't sound like Swamp Gravy.

Play director Rob Lauer says, "It's set in North Carolina in 1938 in a Baptist church on a Saturday night."

Behind these southern accents are mostly New Yorkers. They are in South Georgia to move a mountain. "It's all about faith and pushing on and progress, and all that."

Progress for Colquitt, Georgia, too. The actors and actresses in "Smoke on the Mountain" are doing their part to revitalize the small south Georgia town and keep it alive. "The whole arts council was founded here to build an economy on the arts."

Lauer comes into town to direct Swamp Gravy every year. He has not only seen a lot of costume changes, but changes in the town. "Most of the businesses right now on the town square were not there 10 years ago."

Smoke on the Mountain runs from June 8th until the 27th. They will be singing more than two dozen gospel songs. For more information call the Colquitt Miller Arts Council.

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