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Deputies at risk serving warrants

May 28, 2004

Albany-- It's a dangerous job that requires you to stay in shape and be street smart, because there are many dangers in serving warrants.

Investigator Lt. Craig Dodd hits the street with the Dougherty County Sheriff Warrant team to find wanted criminals. "We serve everything from murder warrants to theft warrants."

"If it's a misdemenor, we don't have a right to search, unless it's probation," so, the search continues.

Another day of U-turns for the warrant team. "They've got to be in good shape and be able to run," said Dodd.

And that they did. A couple blocks later, a man was caught. He was not even the one they were looking for, but his guilty conscience told him to run-- he was wanted in north Georgia. Now, he's facing charges in south Georgia. 

"It's extremely dangerous. I've had my ribs separated and cracked, both my hands broken, my head busted open, my front teeth broken off. And I make a whole lot less than most folks do."

 Another day on the job, and they'll probably be back to these same neighborhoods, looking for repeat offenders. And making sure those of us who obey the law are safe.

The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office has at least five-thousand active warrants on file. They say people try to hide everywhere, even in refrigerators and dryers.

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