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Valdosta E.M.S. workers honored

May 28, 2004

Valdosta - For paramedic William Montague, saving lives is a way of life. "It makes you feel good, because you've actually changed the course of someone's life," said Montague.

And after 13 years in this field, he's changed more than he can count. "We've had several saves just in this year where we resuscitated people in cardiac arrest, and they have passed through the hospital and gone home," said Montague.

Seeing his patients recover brings the most satisfaction, but recently, he got another reward. "I received paramedic of the year," said Montague. "Its a big honor because that's one of the highest recognitions we can get here at South Georgia Medical Center."

Montague's a role model for those just entering the field, like Brian Boutwell. "I've been with SGMC since October 2003," said Boutwell.

In less than a year, he's seen a lot, and changed some lives too. "It's very rewarding and it motivates us to come back and do it again," said Boutwell.

Like Montague, his hard work is also paying off. "I received the Rookie of the Year award," said Boutwell. "It builds our confidence in our job and lets us know our competency level."

And the awards prove that for both of these men, that level is a step above the rest.

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