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Some elderly may be out of nursing homes

May 27, 2004

Albany- Some South Georgia families are looking for answers.

They have loved ones in long-term care facilities who will be sent home July 1st if they can't find a way to pay the bills. Tommy Anderson's father-in-law has been in a nursing home for about five years.

"Basically (he needs) 24-hour skilled care," Anderson said. "He's not a man you can put out on the street."

Now families fear that may happen since the state program that helps pay for nursing home bills is gone. Statewide, about 2,000 nursing home residents may be sent back into their communities if they can't find a way to pay the $3,000 a month it could cost to stay in nursing homes or long-term care facilities.

The SOWEGA Council on Aging knows of 69 South Georgians who will have to come out of care facilities by July 1st.

"These individuals, as they have said, have worked hard all their lives to receive this retirement that they have and now it's not enough," said Elaine Wilson, with the SOWEGA Council on Aging.

Now their families are getting letters in the mail making them aware of what's about to happen.

"Now my legislators are telling me and they're telling these folks, that they did not realize the ramifications, the outcome of exactly how it was going to impact these people."

Ending payment for long-term care for thousands of Georgians to save millions in Medicaid.

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