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No start date for water rules

May 27, 2004

Albany-- No date has been set for when those new water restrictions will take effect.

City and county governments have not gotten official word from the state about the new outdoor watering restrictions.

As it stands, homeowners will be able to water their lawns three days a week on an odd-even address system. But, it is unclear exactly when the changes will take effect.

Water, Gas and Light spokeswoman Lori Farkas says, "Once we get word that they are in effect-- you have 30 days to implement them--we would take them in front of our board at Water, Gas and Light and get their approval to approve them as they stand or to strengthen them and of course staff's recommendation is that they wouldn't be any stronger than they are now."

The Water, Gas and Light Board is expected to meet in the next few weeks--that's likely when the new changes will be voted on.

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