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Tax hike in Dougherty County?

May 27, 2004

Albany-- Get ready for a tax hike Dougherty Countians.

The county is in a budget crisis.

Commissioners are looking at raising taxes two mils, eliminating jobs and slashing operating budgets.

Operating with a deficit, commissioners now must raise taxes and dip into reserves to avoid cutting critical services, like E.M.S.

Finance Committee Chairman, Lamar Hudgins, says "They know we haven't raised their millage rate in 14 years, we have cut it twice, we have always been very sensitive to the millage rate but this is just a time that is very difficult."

11 county positions will be cut under the proposal and there will be a reduction in overtime pay.

Travel and training for county employees will be cut in half.

About $700,000 dollars will be taken from the reserves to balance the budget.

If the two mil tax hike is approved, it will mean an additional 80 dollars a year in property taxes on a $100,000 dollar home.

The Finance Committee will present their proposed budget to the entire Commission Thursday.

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