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Police say holiday roads will be deadly

May 27, 2004

Albany-- Even with gas prices higher than ever almost one million Georgians are expected to be on the roads this Memorial Day weekend. And Georgia law officers are warning motorists to be extra careful this during this busy holiday.

Jim your looking at one of the reasons police are pleading with motorist to drive safely this week. They say just the sheer volume of people that are expected to be on these roads will may make these streets an unsafe place.

Where ever you plan to go and no matter how far you travel you can't say you haven't been warned. From TV to radio spots law enforcers are aggressively spreading the word about what could be a deadly holiday weekend.

With close to a million Georgians expected to be on the roads state troopers say your chances of getting into an crash may double.

"It seems to be during the summer that we see more DUI drivers," says SFC. Carl Taylor of the GSP.

They also see more speeders and people not wearing their safety belts. A deadly combination during the holiday period. Here are some GSP predictions for the weekend in Georgia:

  • 2,250 Accidents
  • 575 Injures
  • 13 Fatalities

Officers are hoping new safety ads that  warn drivers that more patrollers will be out writing tickets will be enough to scare drivers straight.

"During these high visible campaigns such as Memorial holiday period it gets more people during that time frame then others ,"says Taylor.

Police say there are some steps you should follow this weekend. One thing they suggest  is planning ahead and giving yourself enough time get to your destination so you are not tempted to speed.

They also say have your car checked out before you leave this weekend. Have things like your tires and the brakes checked to make sure your car is road ready.

Troopers are also urging motorists to use their cell phone to call police if they see reckless drivers on the road.

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