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Parker's sets the BBQ pace in Sylvester

Perry Parker Perry Parker
Hey, it tastes better than it looks! Hey, it tastes better than it looks!

May 27, 2004

Sylvester-- At the corner of busy Highway 82 and Monroe Street is one of the best barbeque joints you'll find. Perry Parker believes in cooking it the old fashioned way and his customers love it. "I wanted to be a barbeque man," he explains. 

And Perry Parker is THE barbeque man in Sylvester. "It's just something to come to me when I was at a young age."

An age when he looked to others to teach him. "About three older guys in Sylvester that I used to watch. They dead and gone now, but they learnt me how to barbeque. And I just been lovin' it ever since."

And ever since, he's been firing up the pits. "I get here every morning at four o'clock and fire up. I cook Boston Butts about three times a week, and I cook like two cases a day when I do cook 'em."

Two cases a day, devoured by hundreds of hungry customers. And what's barbeque without Brunswick stew? "All my customers are really crazy about it. They come from far and near to get this Brunswick stew."

Stew you can't get anywhere else. "This is old hog head that we use to make Brunswick stew. If you gone have Brunswick stew, you got to have a hog head."

Seems he can't make enough of it. "I'm makin' it. It's gone be about a half hour before I get it ready."

And when it's ready-- "I can't hardly keep it on hand. As fast as I make it, they come get it."

"How you doin' today?" And they come get it by the dozens. "The way he seasons the food and everything he does to it," one customer explained.

For 33 years, Perry Parker's been cooking up barbeque "I still cook the old fashioned way. I cook like them old mens learnt me."

His secret? "I just put it on and see about it and cook it slow. And be patient with it. "Nine times out of ten, it's gone be good" And boy does he cook the food! A hundred slabs of ribs a week, and several cases of Boston Butts.

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