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Miller County man still captive

May 27, 2004

Colquitt- A Miller County man is still being held hostage by a violent revolutionary  group in Columbia. It's been more than a year since Keith Stansell was taken captive by FARC guerillas.

His plane crashed in the jungle. One American on board was shot and killed, Stansell and two others survived. A video, released in July of last year, was the last official proof of their well-being, but family and friends are still being re-assured by government officials that they are still alive. 

"The latest that we have heard from the state department is that President Uribe, the president of Columbia, as long as he is president they have no hope of negotiations at all," said Stansell's friend Charlotte Phillips. "He's taken a very hard core line with the FARC, the Columbian rebels."

Stansell is an American Defense contractor who was trying to eliminate illegal drug crops in Columbia. He pleaded, on the tape, he wanted the American government to negotiate and not risk a rescue, he didn't want anyone to die in the process.

He was taken hostage February 2003.

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