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Airmen hit the road to honor veterans

May 27, 2004

Valdosta - Motorcycle riders from all over the country are hitting the roads for a Memorial Day Ride to the nation's capital. It's called the "Rolling Thunder" tour, and its a way for today's service men and women to honor those who've gone before them.

Eleven Airmen left Moody Air Force Base this morning for the 700 mile trip to Washington, D.C. "It will take us about eight days total, three days there, three days back, and one day at the memorial service," said Technical Sergeant Steven Parker. "I've been deployed, so coming back and being able to do this shows a lot of support. I've lost two friends in the war right now and its also a way to honor them."

"We're riding it to show solidarity and comradery with our veterans," said Major Eric Brewington. "It's for those who can't ride because I lost some friends personally through the years in this career and this is my way of remembering them and paying them honor."

"During our conflict, its good to remember all the past vets who've given their lives in the same fight we're fighting right now," said Parker. "We've all been there before, so I have real strong feelings about going to this service."

Last year, more than 300,000 bikers nationwide took part in the Rolling Thunder ride.

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