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Bomb Squad inspects explosive in Abbeville

May 27, 2004 

Abbeville-  A south Georgia policeman ended a dangerous, potentially explosive, standoff Wednesday by calmly talking an Abbeville man out of killing himself.

Harvey Wayne Helms had a shotgun and a self-made bomb. He locked himself in a shed behind his house on McCambell Road for 45 minutes. Abbeville police sergeant Dykes Hilliard talked him out. A bomb squad evacuated nearby houses while they checked out the explosive device.

John Anderson, commander of the South Georgia Drug Task Force said "They did determine that there was a potentailly explosive device in the shed. It was rendered safe and dismantled."

Helms said all he wanted was a cold beer and for folks to leave him alone. Sergeant Hilliard got Helms a beer and took him for a ride to calm him down. He was taken into custody but probably will not be charged with a crime.

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