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Cross walk dangers in downtown Albany

May 26, 2004

Albany -- A dangerous situation at the pedestrian cross walk on West Broad Avenue, as driver's don't yield.

An Albany Police Officer saw a child almost killed in that cross walk earlier this week. Now he's mad, and he wants drivers to slow down and yield for pedestrians before someone is hit.

The pedestrian crosswalk on Broad Avenue in front of the Albany Chamber of Commerce is much busier. Corporal Cecil Whittington says "We are getting more people downtown now with the businesses , walkers, Harvest Moon."

The cross walk is well marked with flashing lights, but lots of drivers aren't paying attention. And it almost turned deadly this week. Whittington said " A lady with her two children, one in her arms, and he got away from her on this side of the street. A person in a truck like to hit the little boy right here."

We checked to see if people were slowing for the cross walk. Cpl. Whittington said "They are supposed to be observing the stop. See he won't do it until I step out here. And that's a danger. That's a danger for the citizen. Cause the uniform is what's probably going to make them stop, but a citizen you know, it could be critical for them if they didn't stop."

Another problem, those beautiful palm trees in the middle of the road can block the vision of walkers. Cpl Whittington said "Watch the angel of the car coming here. And if I stood right here, you could be in a dead spot. And if you were in too big of a hurry, you could step out there."

Corporal Whittington warns drivers to slow down at the pedestrian crossings downtown at Broad and also on Pine in front of the Courthouse. He hopes it does not take a child dying there to make the point.

Corporal Whittington thinks it might be a good idea to put ripple bumps leading up to the cross walks to remind motorists to slow down and prepare to yield to pedestrians.

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