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Saying goodbye isn't easy

May 26, 2004

Leesburg-- It's the last day of school in Lee County.
Saying goodbye is sometimes a little tougher for adults than for students.

The busiest spot on the last day of school is the front office of Kinchafoonee Primary. School Secretary Janis Pierce says, "Rest! Two more days and then I will get to stay home and rest and enjoy my grandchildren."

But, before the school secretary gets any rest, she stays busy helping parents sign out, as well as saying goodbye, "You going to come see me next year? I love you and thank you for the cookbook."

Down the hall, the atmosphere is less hectic, "Let's get them put where they go so we can be straightened up a little bit," as the teachers get ready for summer break. Para Professional Connie Schmidt says, "It's not as long as it use to be you know, we start back at the first part of August."

But, these happy students are not thinking that far ahead. They are just interested in the excitement of the day. 7-year-old Chad Reynolds broke his tooth on the playground and doesn't mind showing it off.

Outside, students and parents share a picnic, "It was awesome. A big learning experience for both of us really," says Melissa Brown. For Melissa, the last day of school is tough, "I cry all the time over silly things you didn't think you would cry over but you are just watching them grow up and it's like, he's just growing up!!!"

And, sometimes saying good-bye is easier for the kids than the adults. The last day of school at Kinchafoonee is known as Water Day. Parents are always invited to share in the fun-- and most do.

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