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Georgia in serious need of foster parents

May 25, 2004

Dawson- At just about any time, there are about enough kids in the Buchannan yard to have their own baseball team.

"I have to have children around me every day," said Annie Buchannan, a foster parent in Terrell County.

Sometimes they're grandchildren, sometimes they're even the neighbor's children, but there are always foster children.

Nine-year-old Lyatrey is not one of them anymore because he's officially part of the Buchannan family.

"We asked could we be his parents and he didn't want to go no where," Buchannan said. "We didn't want him to leave us."

So he didn't. Now he's one of four kids Annie and her husband Calvin Buchannan have adopted as their own.

"Ooh, just the joy that you get when you get here and they run to you," he said. "They just hug you and they're just so full of love. Just do something to you."

The Buchannans care for three foster children now. They've fostered 23 children in the last 10 years and that's a job that takes teamwork.

"When we get ready for dinner, the oldest one help me set the plates to the table," she said.

The Buchannans raised three biological daughters. One of them is now a foster parent. That makes this home a true treasure to Terrell County social workers. But all states need more of them.

"Our homes for the most part are full," said Mavis Moore, director of Terrell County DFACS. "The need is daily. We never know at any given moment when we're going to have to remove a child from a home. So we're looking for folks all the time that would make wonderful foster parents."

Whether they're here for months or forever, this is a home they can count on.

"To give them joy and happiness to know that they got someone to care for them and they got a place to call home," Buchannan said.

Lyatrey knows it because he'll always be part of the Buchannan team, a family that's second to none.

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