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Park rangers enforce boating safety

May 25, 2004

Cook County - The lake at Reed Bingham is pretty still now, but not for long. Come Friday, the waters will be rippling with boats. "Normally, Memorial Day is our busiest holiday of the year," said Park Manager Paul Bradshaw.

Bradshaw warns boaters he'll be on the lookout for safety violations. "We want them to have a good time but our number one concern, especially when it comes to boats, is the safety aspect," said Bradshaw.

And that means keeping your distance. "We've got a 100 foot rule, stay that far away from our beach areas, docks, and other boats," said Bradshaw.

The most important thing to remember when boating is always have your life jacket with you. If you're caught without it, you'll have to face the fines. "The fines vary according to the county, but what a ticket would normally cost you is twice what it would cost to go buy a life jacket," said Bradshaw.

For many people, a day of fun on the water includes alcohol. But this park has a zero tolerance. "When it comes to boating, alcohol is like drinking and driving, its a big no no," said Bradshaw.

And you might want to keep your eyes open for alligators. "They don't want to bother us but they're out there so be careful where you get out of the water," said Bradshaw.

When it comes to boating, there's a lot to remember. But following the rules will make this holiday a safe and happy one.

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