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Pint for a Pint!

May 25, 2004

Albany-- There's nothing like ice cream on a hot day and you can get your fill this month at the Red Cross.

There is lots of free Blue Bell ice cream for the taking. But, in order to get a coupon for a free pint of ice cream, people need to donate a pint of blood.

It's a fun promotion with a very urgent message, "Donations are down, travel is up, so usage will be up. We are really desperate. We need some donors in here," says Patsy McMath with the Red Cross.

The need for blood during the summer months is high with so many people traveling, but donations at the Albany Blood Bank on Dawson Road are down by 35%.

Workers say the Blood Bank needs to be stocked up for the Memorial Day Weekend ahead.

The Blue Bell promotion lasts until the end of May.

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