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President lays out plan for Iraq

Brandon Barfield Brandon Barfield

May 24, 2004

Dougherty County- Darlene and Tim Jones weren't nervous about what the President's speech would mean for their son Brandon Barfield.

"He's getting out the last of June and he'll be coming back here for good," Jones said.

Barfield drove a Humvee to Baghdad during the war. He's back at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

"It's opened his eyes up quite a bit and I think it makes him appreciate what he has here in America and the freedoms," she said.

When they heard the President's plan for the transition of power in Iraq, they saw it from a military family's point of view, a realistic plan they know will take time and the work of many American service men and women.

"I think it makes sense to turn it over to them as soon as possible and get their forces into it now and more involved," Jones said. "Bush, he's got this thing going, so might as well let him finish it, so I think he needs four more years."

But they're also glad to know their son did his job.

"I'm no different than any other mother I know. But I think he served his four years being over there."

Now will be coming home to watch history unfold on the TV instead of from the front lines.

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