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APD car stolen

May 24, 2004

Albany -- A handcuffed woman managed to slip through the prisoner shield and steal an Albany Police Car this weekend.

Early Sunday morning 35 year old Arnice Brookins was arrested at her home in the 800 block of Tenth Avenue following a domestic dispute.

She was left handcuffed in the back seat of this patrol car, but managed to slip through this 15 by 13 inch sliding window. Lt. Kenn Singleton said "Some way some how she did get the handcuffs in front of her. And that's when she climbed through the pexiglass divider of the Police Car, got into the front seat and drove off."

Brookins drove two blocks down Palmyra Road before hitting a mailbox, flattening a front tire and knocking off a mirror. She ran on foot another block before she was captured, still handcuffed.

 She is being held in the Dougherty County Jail for escape and a half dozen traffic violations.

The patrol car sustained about 200 dollars in damages. It has already been repaired and returned to service.

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