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Is beef still 'What's for dinner'?

May 24, 2004

Grady County - Nan Crawford says people come to Midway Country Store for one thing. "'Cause we have the best meat in town," she says.

Your choice of the finest cuts of beef or pork, but prices on those meats are rising. Crawford says, "Beef prices are up, now pork's up, eggs prices are up and it does affect me."

Not only how much she sells, "Business is a little slow." But how much she buys. "I'm a small business and so I can't buy big quantities, and my prices are higher," she says.

Why is the price of beef climbing? Well, you can blame mad cow disease, cattle import bans and the drought. And, oh yeah, gas prices. It costs more for delivery. The price of beef seems to be fluctuating just as rapidly as the price of gas. From week to week, prices could go up ten cents or more per pound. Like on the price of rib eyes, since February, the price has increased 70 cents per pound.

You may want to consider an alternative to hamburgers and steaks this Memorial Day weekend. "If you wanted to go cheap," Crawford says, "chicken would probably be your better thing."

But since Nan doesn't sell chicken she thinks you should stick with beef, maybe just eat a little less this year. A cattle shortage has also created a price spike in other products like milk and ice cream.

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