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Lee County's Deiter is a true team player

May 23, 2004

Leesburg - Lee County baseball coach Rob Williams calls outfielder Sam Deiter the ultimate team player.

But there are not many team players who feel that team would be better if they were not a part of it.

An all-star player since he put on a uniform in tee-ball. Sam struggled so much when he was called up to the varsity his freshman season at Lee County that he felt that was letting down his team.

SamDeiter said "I decided if I wasn't going to be 100% or 110%, I couldn't help out the team any. So I decided to take a year off."

Coach Rob Williams said "I was really, really surprised when he said that he just lost the fire. Kids do that some time fortunately that fire got rekindled.

In fact, the fire got rekindled whether quickly as watching his best friends play from the stands his sophomore year made Sam realize that the best thing for the team was for him to be a part of it.

Williams said "After missing a year it is hard to come back, but Sam has a lot of ability and probably that determination, that fire that he has about him. Last year he was pretty much a role player and accepted that well. He is a team player first."

Sam Deiter said "I was not 100% back into my natural game. I had to stay after a little bit and work and work and work. I am still working to this very day to get where I want to be."

His game has been just fine for the number one Trojans.

In the regular season, Deiter batted over .300 and is third on the team in homeruns.

Playing the outfield for the first time in his career, Sam made one of the crucial plays in Lee County's first round series win over Fayette County when he threw a runner out at home plate.

Deiter said "I have had a decent season I'd say. Like I said before I am not satisfied with myself right now. I know it is not a one man team. I have had Buster (Posey), (Justin) Hall and seven or eight other players that have helped us win."

And his teammates will say that Sam Deiter has done his share to help the Trojans get within six wins of the school's first state baseball title.

Lee County will play Lassiter in the quarterfinals Tuesday at five o'clock in Leesburg.

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