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Peanut growers turn plant to hay

May 22, 2004

Moultrie- Growers from both Georgia and Florida are amazed as they look out at this field of peanuts, but you won't find any nuts on these green plants.

"The perennial peanut does not produce a peanut under the ground like our peanuts that we're familiar with in South Georgia that we grow to harvest. Perennial peanut is a forage crop so we're just interested in the forage above ground," says Thomas County Extension Coordinator.

Once it's cut this stemmy crop is then turned into hay.

"Perennial peanut hay could be associated with alfalfa hay. It's very close to the quality of alfalfa hay."

During the 4th annual perennial peanut hay conference growers learned techniques to produce the crop more efficiently and end up with a better yield.

"It tends to be higher in protein and energy. Horses tend to gain weight on perennial peanut hay more so than they would grass hay," adds Clark.

Proof that peanuts may be just as popular with horses, as they are with people.

Growers say another advantage of growing perennial peanut hay is that they can grow and sell it for a lower price than alfalfa hay.

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