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Students find out CRCT grades on last day

May 21, 2004

Colquitt County - A south Georgia father upset on the last day of school. Curtis Hopper says, "We don't have any problem with her reading here." One test could keep his daughter in the third grade.

Even if you don't have children in school you may have heard about the Criterion Referenced Competency Test, or CRCT.  It's importance may not hit home until you hear your B Average child failed and may be held back.

Klarice Hopper says to her dad, "That's all I heard about it." The eight-year-old had to tell her parents some bad news on the last day of school.

Klarice remembers what her teacher told her, "She told us we had to either go to summer school or repeat the third grade."

The J.M. Odom Elementary student failed the reading part of the CRCT, but had a satisfactory report card. She explains, "Well, I got four B's and one C."

The B average student says the test made her nervous. Klarice adds, "It was pretty tough."

It was even tougher to hear her summer days will be spent inside a classroom. Klarice says, "Gonna have to go to summer school."

Her dad adds, "We were told two weeks ago that she passed the third grade and then we got a letter from the principal."

The letter changed everything. Mr. Hopper, "Sonny Perdue has made some changes and they may be good, I don't know. It's hard to say it's his fault or the school system. They need to make some changes somewhere."

After summer school, she'll get another shot at the criteria test and if she doesn't pass. Klarice says, "It wouldn't be fun."

But, Klarice is confident she'll pass the second time around, so she doesn't have to go through third grade a second time.

Colquitt County School Superintendent Leonard McCoy was pleased with the number of students who did pass, there were more than predicted.

When we asked him what was good about the CRCT, McCoy said repeatedly, "It's the law."

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