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Injured man still on the run

May 21, 2004

Ben Hill County- Drug agents say they are still surprised 39 year old Jamie Young survived the blast that blew up the entire right side of his Ben Hill County home.

"If anybody out there knows where Mr. Young is at, please call us," says Investigator Chris Stephens of the South Central Drug Task Force.

With 2nd degree burns on his upper body and possibly scorched lungs Young checked himself out of the hospital to avoid being taken into custody.

Investigators initially withheld charges hoping that would prompt Young to get to a hospital, but they say that never happened.

"There's a p ossibility he's getting some help from friends and administering his own medical attention."

Still, investigators are urging him to get qualified medical attention.

"The earlier that he will go ahead and deal with them, the quicker that he can get the help that he needs and also get this behind him."

No matter what happens, investigators say the charges against Young aren't going to go away.

Young is charged with illegal possession of anhydrous ammonia, manufacturing meth, and possessing the tools to manufacture meth.

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