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Rodeo teaches bike safety

May 21, 2004

Albany- Getting ready for the 4-H Bike Rodeo is serious business.

Elizabeth Myler brought her new bike for the trip. "I liked the color because it was green, and I liked how big it was," 13-year-old Myler said.

But the inspection process is tedious. Albany Police looking over her bike lower her seat and check her chain.

"We want to check to make sure the bikes are properly fitted for the people riding," said Anthony Jones with the 4-H Club.

So they also test the brakes and fill the tires.

"First of all they learn safety tips of riding on the road and so forth," Jones said.

There's always a rider a little nervous about being on the road.

"Because I ain't never been hit by a car," said 10-year-old Abraham Johnson.

So once the safety gear is strapped on tight, they gather up to review the rules of the road.

"Left turn, right turn, stop," an officer reminded the riders.

And they were off, taking on city streets for a trip through town. A ride that teaches them to use everything they've learned about being safe on their bikes.

"They learn to ride their bicycles on an organized course and they learn to ride on the highways," Jones said.

"We actually caught up with each other and stayed with each other the whole time," Myler said proudly. "We did good."

A good day on the roads of Albany, surviving another safe ride.

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