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Animal control looking for horse owner

May 21, 2004

Lee County- The abandonment of two stud horses may have resulted in the pregnancy of several mares.

Now, Lee County animal control is looking for the owner. A stud horse wandered onto property on Fussel Road last week. On Monday, mares from a nearby pasture knocked down their gate, entered the pasture the stud horse was in and possibly bred with him.

Jim Russell, who owns a couple of mares that stay in the pasture, was able to get the mares back in their pasture, but later the stud horse kicked him three times.

"But the horses were already back in the pasture when the incident occurred, when he kicked me. The other horses hollered and he reacted."

Another horse that showed up in January has been staying at the stable. Jim Russell has been caring for him and paying his vet bills. Animal Control officials say they're still investigating and no citations have been made.

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