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Students passed state mandated test

May 20, 2004

Thomasville - There's only one day of school left for students at Cross Creek Elementary, but that's not the only reason these kids are jumping for joy. "They are having a wonderful time, and we are celebrating," says Barbara Bray. "We had a good year, a wonderful year."

They just found out that 95% of 3rd graders at their school passed the CRCT. Everyone in Barbara Bray's class passed and will advance to the 4th grade. She says, "It was challenging and the children knew what was expected of them, and they rised to the occasion. And I'm just very proud of all of them."

And so are students' parents, who say the tests can be challenging but are necessary. "I wouldn't want her to graduate from school and not be prepared to go into life," says Lynn Burton. "It's more about than just making it through school."

But for now, these kids have made it through the third grade, and they have proof of their hard work. Burton says, "You can see from the scores, I believe, that they're doing something right."

Students who did not pass the test will attend four weeks of summer school and will be given another opportunity to take the test later this summer.

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