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A hobby found in the sky

John Malson John Malson

May 20, 2004

Albany - The golden years usually mean making more time to do what you want to do and sometimes, you find new hobbies to keep you busy. One Albany couple has recently become intrigued with two little birds.

A Redheaded Woodpecker is guarding his home. Bird watcher, John Malson, says, "The birds seem to have a different society."

It's own society created around a water tower in Albany behind John and Patricia's apartment. John says, "It passes the time when you retire."

Giving this couple the time to get to know the feathered couple. John explains, "Right now, if there are eggs, she's sitting on them and he's out gathering insects and what not."

His name is Woody. John smiles, "Woody seems to be himself, an individual."

The feathered individual intrigued John to know more, so he started feeding his new found friends. John points to the bird sitting on the tower and says, "Yeah, that's his favorite hangout. He likes to see the total area and who's going to get his food."

Food that Woody hides inside the tower's wind braces. John explains, "He seems to like it there, because no other bird seems to hang around too much."

But, Woody and his wife aren't always around. John adds, "He disappears during the winter time."

Winter means less food around, like bugs, so woodpeckers stay home to rest, save energy and stay warm. That's why you see more Woody Woodpeckers on days like today giving John and Patricia something red to watch during their golden years.

There are less than 10 woodpecker species in Georgia. The Red Cockaded is on the endangered list.

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