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King's Grill; the grand daddy of Valdosta eateries

May 20, 2004

Valdosta-- There are so many good places to eat here in Valdosta. But the one that's been around the longest is King's Grill. It's been on the same downtown street corner since the late 1930's.

It's food fit for THE king. Meals that make King's Grill in Valdosta the next best thing to mama's kitchen. "We do usually three meats and six or seven fresh vegetables," says Owner Pat Yeomans.

Vegetables you can't get at a drive through. "Fast food is good, but they get tired of that sometime, and they're ready to eat," says Yeomans. "Now you got it."

And they eat here regularly. "I eat here quite often, yes, for breakfast and lunch," says Jesse Spencer. "They don't stay open for supper. Or I would be here for that."

That's what makes King's Grill like home away from home. "We been here so long and the customers have been coming here so long that they're just like part of the family."

The family of loyal customers. "When one of 'em's out, we make a point to call and check on 'em because this is like family," says Pat.

A well-fed family. "Some of the best food in town and best service. Really nice people," customer William Whitesell said. People who've been doing this for decades.

Albert Smith remembers: "The first time was in about 1945 when Mr. King had King's Grill when I was in 1st grade."

Pat Yeomans, her daughter, granddaughter, even great-granddaughter can be found behind the counter at King's Grill now. Serving up hot meals under the watchful eye of "Different people that come through here, want to know if Elvis has come through here."

"Now he did come to Valdosta. Whether or not he came here I'm not sure." But one thing's for sure. "He's always here."

Always here at the Corner of Patterson and Hill Streets in downtown Valdosta where the food's good and customers are treated like royalty.

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