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Valdosta is the place for a WILD time

May 20, 2004

Valdosta-- This is the home of Wild Adventures, the nations largest and fastest growing privately owned theme park. Whether your splashing in the new water park, or hanging with the animals, Wild Adventures is the hottest ticket in South Georgia, averaging 1.3 million visitors a year.

 "Our main core comes from South Georgia and North Florida but we are getting them from further away every year," says Public Relations manager Sara Sumner They're coming because of exciting roller coasters like the Hangman.

"Best ride I've ever ridden," says one patron. "It's great"

And getting greater. The swamp area has been re-themed. "To go along with newest roller coaster put in last May called Swamp Thing," Sumner said. "This is our suspended family coaster and it has enjoyed great popularity here at the park."

The waterpark is growing. 'We've got a new triple slide complex called Tryphoon that's going in, and then a smaller play area for the littler kids called Tadpole Cove."

Even Sponge Bob Squarepants is getting in on the action. "There'll be a 3D movie where you wear the glasses, but then the 4th dimension comes in where you get bubbles in your face, squirts of water, blasts of air, buzzes, that sort of thing," Sumner said.

The sort of thing that catapulted Wild Adventures into the top 50 Amusements Parks in North America. And the sort of thing that's making big bucks for Valdosta and South Georgia.

"Wild Adventures has about a $67 million impact on the area annually." Thanks in part to Wild Adventure's clever second day free pass. "The two day trip we offer a second day free on our ticket on our daily admission so that keeps folks in the area," Sumner said. "It impacts the area very well because you've got your hotel business, restaurant business, gas stations, people do shopping in the area."

 An area, once an uninhabited piece of South Georgia land. That now offers the world a Wild Adventure.

And if you want something a little tamer, Wild Adventures has killer concerts.They average about 40 a year, and coming up soon, Huey Lewis and the News, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Travis Tritt.

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