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Preparing for a terrorist attack

May 19, 2004

Albany - A simulated terrorist attack in south Georgia. This day long drill put extreme pressure on emergency crews.

The anti-terrorism drill was the first of it's kind at the Marine Corps Logistics Base. The scenario tests emergency crews' reaction time to multiple injuries and fatalities caused by a chemical bomb.

A simulated bomb exploded in a white truck around the maintenance building on the base.

Shortly after, the gates closed and security levels elevated from base force protection Bravo to Delta.

Lieutenant Colonel Neil Hornug with Pentagon's Security Division, says, "Here at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, the important thing is that they can still function and carry out their mission."

After watching the drill he added, "I think the energy that's here in the community is well orchestrated and well coordinated. I think if the community has any issues or concerns, it should be, we are prepared."

The anti-terrorism drill is funded by Marine Corps Headquarters.

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