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Governor drowns Riverquarium money

May 18, 2004

Albany - $1,400,000 needed to complete the Albany Riverquarium is in limbo, after the Governor deferred the money from next year's budget. Governor Perdue says he needs more information about the $25,000,000 Riverquarium before he can give the City the money.

Albany Tomorrow President Tommy Chatmon says the project will still be completed, even if the Governor doesn't allocate the money. "We're confident that when the Governor and his staff look at the information pertinent to this project...they'll see this is something very positive for Southwest Georgia. And, we're cautiously optimistic," said Chatmon.

Chatmon says the grand opening of the Riverquarium is still set for Labor Day, but ATI may borrow more money to finish the project. Governor Perdue stressed that some of the projects he deferred may still be funded, but few of the items that were deferred last year ever received the money.

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