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Agents seize 150 pot plants

May 18, 2004

Thomas County - Police say the couple was growing pot in their back yard. 51-year old Hughy Tyson and his wife, 50-year old Janice Tyson of Meigs were arrested when police found 150 marijuana plants growing in the back yard of their Marshall Street residence.

The plants were valued at $150,000. Drug agents also seized firearms and cash in the bust. Narcotics Commander Guy Winkelmann says, "We found evidence that it appeared to be growing somewhere. There we partial plants, there was a box full of marijuana plants drying in the attic. Then we went in the backyard and found over 150 marijuana plants growing. It appears it's been an ongoing marijuana growing operation."

The couple has also been charged with possession of cocaine, and possession of methamphetamines. Hughy Tyson was released from the Thomas County jail on a $27,000. Janice Tyson has been released on a $19,000 bond.

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