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High school students search for summer jobs

May 18, 2004

Thomasville - Seventeen-year old Leslie Harper finished classes last week, but now she has a new assignment, to find a job. She says it's, "To help me make money to pay for college and stuff like that, cause I'm going to college next year and I need to save up some money."

So far, Leslie and her friends haven't had much luck. "It's pretty limited," she says. "There's not many places to look for jobs."

But today could be different. There's a new restaurant opening up in Downtown Thomasville. "We're really looking for anybody who's dependable and energetic and friendly," says Susan Mauldin, owner of Lola's. "The age really doesn't matter."

And the hours are great for Leslie, mornings and afternoons, with no night shifts. But, just in case she decides food service isn't her thing, Sirens, located just across the street is also hiring. Owner Ginger Funderburk says, "A job like this is perfect for them because we're open on Saturday's and we're closed during the night and they can be home by 6 o'clock."

Funderburk says there's more to applying for a job than just filling out an application. She says, "I feel like they need to know how to make out a resume and if a high school child can make out a resume, then I think they'll be able to have the social and educational skills to work here."

Skills Leslie says she definitely has. "If I get a job," she says, "I'll be there and I'll do the work and won't complain and do what they tell me to do."

A very mature outlook by this 17-year old. "Gotta grow up one day," she says. And maybe one day soon, she'll find that perfect summer job.

Employers say teens should make sure to dress the part when applying for a job. Wear clothing that would be appropriate at that particular business.

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