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It's peanut planting time

May 18, 2004

Lee County-- It's peanut planting time again. South Georgia Farmers are putting in long hours planting hundreds of acres of peanuts. And they hope for another outstanding crop.

Farmer Jason Wiggins empties 50 pound bags of peanut seed into the hopper on the back of his tractor. Wiggins will plant 750 acres of peanuts using a new method.  "The first year we are planting them twin row. They are 7 inches apart, and we're putting them four inches in the drill in each row. That's about 8 seed per foot, which is around 135 or 140 pounds per acre is what we're shooting for."

This year's crop will cost more to grow because of fuel, irrigation machines, fertilizer, and seed price hikes. Wiggins said "It's going to be a big factor, because of the price of diesel fuel. It's almost double what it was last year." But the price Wiggins' will get for his peanuts is about $25 more a ton than last year. "Coming off a pretty good year last year, we'd like to have two back to back. That would be icing on the cake."

His dog Roscoe is enjoying riding with Curtis in the air conditioned cab of the tractor. Planting time, with the hope of another great crop.

The peanuts will reach maturity in 135 to 140 days, harvesting them in late September.

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