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State Superintendent visits S. Georgia

May 17, 2004

Bainbridge - Superintendent Cox was in South Georgia Monday as part of "Border Tour 2004", where she'll visit school systems in 38 counties.

A few tips for students: "Learn to become an active student, an active listener, an active participant, so that you're not just taking notes, you're not just reading a section of the book," says Cox. "You really stop and while you're in class for that time period, whether it's a block, or it's a regular class period, you really engage yourself in what you're learning."

But she's disappointed that students across Georgia didn't seem to engage in their studies quite as much as she was hoping for this year, specifically with the graduation exit exam. She says, "Unfortunately scores across the state were pretty flat. Not much movement up or down. I guess not moving down was a good thing, but I was disappointed to see that we're not making progress upwards."

She hopes that with the help of teachers and administrators students throughout Georgia will do better next year. She says, "The more you can become actively involved in your own learning, and be inquisitive, the better."

Better for the students, and better for the state. Decatur County was the sixth stop in the border tour.

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