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Record gas prices still climbing

May 17, 2004

Albany-- Georgia customers have never had to pay this much for gas before, but it could be worse. Georgia has the third lowest average in the nation for unleaded gas.

Right now, South Carolinans and Texans are paying less than we are, but only by a few pennies.

But, when you're used to paying less than the rest of the country, any can make you count every penny.

In Georgia the average price for regular unleaded gas is $1.85. Last year, we were at $1.31, and today you're paying 54 cents more per gallon. You can't buy much with 54 cents, but if you calculate that difference with a 15 gallon tank, it's $8.10.

"It's eating in on our profit and costing us," says Dennis Bozeman of G&W Auto Parts.

A traveler, Deborah Gooddine, says, "I went to Savannah, and it's amazing how the prices are a whole lot different from here, it's more expensive there."

A father, Rodney Walker, said, "Budget is everything, that's how you are going to survive today. Budget everything."

A budget that changes on a daily basis. Overnight, unleaded gas prices went up seven cents. "It's outrageous," Walker said. "You mean $1.84, just for one gallon of gas, that's not even right, but we got to have it so, we just have to pay the price."

The price that some people don't pay. "I think everybody should drive off with these prices right here, I'm serious," Walker, said.

A serious problem, gas station owners have to deal with. "We are going to have gas drive offs periodically regardless if the price is 80 cents a gallon or $2.00 a gallon," said Woodall's convenience store owner, Wright Woodall.

Most don't PAY attention to those not paying for gas. But, they do notice less money in their wallets. "I remember back 10 years, it was 88 cents per gallon, now they are going to add a dollar onto it," Walker says.

If you have a 15 gallon tank, you're paying $8.10 cents more to fill up than a year ago.

Right now, Georgia customers are paying around 12 cents below the national average for regular unleaded, which is $1.97 per gallon.

What gas prices are you seeing? Enter them in our Pump Patrol .

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