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The power of faith in Albany

May 16, 2004

Albany -- An Albany church is standing behind the power of prayer and faith after good health and good fortune comes to some of it's members in what members are calling a miraculously way.

The members of the Greater Grace Church joyfully sing celebrating the miracles of God. For Pastor Stephen Stallworth the words in the song are very real.

"The Lord has blessed us tremendously. We didn't know any person when we walked into this city," says Stallworth Pastor of Greater Grace Church.

More than 20 years ago, Stallworth's family moved to Albany from Detroit. With little money only a direction from God and their faith.

"Everything was just new, it was just different. The weather and everything. I'm used to snow -- no snow-- heat waves down here. I obeyed my husband. My husband obeyed God and I obeyed him.," says Stallworth's wife Mary.

An act of blind faith Albert and Katherine Blair can understand. Last week, the Blair's 4 year-old grand-daughter was run over by a boy and his bike.

"She was trying to get out of the way but then the dog stumped her and there is this big crash," says Katherine Blair as she describes the accident.

Her leg was broken in three places, and doctors told the family they may have to amputate the little girl's leg.

"What we did was that went ahead and we prayed because we knew God is a healer," exclaims Albert Blair.

And miraculously, the child's leg was saved. A healing the Blairs believe was result of their faith.

Religious convictions that brought them to join a church started on faith twenty years ago. One that has flourished from five members to more than a thousand.

"The scripture says Faith is the substance of things hope for and evidence of things not seen and we have seen evidence of things we have never seen before in our live. The miraculous blessing and evidence of Jesus Christ himself," say Stallworth.

A gift Stallworth says is free to all those who seek it.

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