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River Town Days in Bainbridge

May 15, 2004

Decatur-- Bainbridge was built along the banks of the Flint River, and it's history is tied to the water's flow. Saturday they celebrated the Flint, with the first River Town Days festival.

It was the race that would prove if size really matters. On-lookers lined the water front to see if a remote control boat could beat the power of massive air boat.A show setup to wild the crowd and keep them wanting more.

"We had the riverside arts fest in the past and it's still a nice festival to have but it's earlier in the spring in March and we just decided we need something big to bring in tourism from the surround community," says Cile Warr president of the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce.

And what the BainBridge Chamber of Commerce came up with was the River Town Days Festival. A party to honor the Flint River and all the run through it.

"Alligator are apart of the river and the eco-system in Georgia," says Bennie West a gator catcher for DHR.

And it seem that those who didn't like touching gators like them deep fried.

"We sold out of gator quicker then we ever have sold out," says a vendor.

But ever your taste would probably have found it at the festival. It was jam packed with events. Melody Banks is visiting form Valdosta she says she is impressed.

"It's pretty good because I like how they have all the different games and everything stuff so it's measures up pretty good,"says Banks.

Good reaction organizer hope will keep people coming back to this rivers edge year after year.

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