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Silence is golden in Sylvester

May 14, 2004

Worth County -- City Officials in Sylvester will soon decide how loud is too loud. The Sylvester City Council will vote on a proposed noise ordinance that they hope will keep the peace.

It's the menacing problem moving through the once quiet neighborhoods of Sylvester.

Loud car radios and music filled with profanity, is disturbing the peace and has mothers like Janice Cantrell upset.

"You put the kids in the bed to go to school and all you hear is boom boom boom I'm going to kick you 'A'," says Janice Cantrell.

Cantrell says she was shocked when her two year old mimicked foul language she believes she heard from a passerby car.

"She wants to know why everybody got the music up loud and the cussing and stuff," says Cantrell.

Now Sylvester leaders plan to pass a new sweeping ordinance that will cover everything from loud music to the improper use of a horn.

"It's a huge problem now it's probably been for a couple of years," says City Councilman Larry Johnson.

Johnson believes finding a way to control the noise in the city is long over due.

"We have a lot of elderly constituents and you can hear some of their music a mile away. Some of them are sick and on medication. They don't want to hear it. We like music too but we have to enforce this ordinance," says Johnson

Violators who make excessive noise that can be heard from 50 feet or outside of certain times of day will face up to a 1 thousand dollar fine and 100 days in jail.

"It might seem harsh its new to us also. There might be things that we should have to take out the ordinance but we have to put something in place before the summer," says Johnson.

A summer when many teens will be out of school and in their cars feeling the temptation to turn up the volume.

The council will vote on the ordinance Monday. If passed the Johnson says the city plans to buy sound meters as another way to measure noise.

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