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Students enjoy the Last day of School

May 14, 2004

Albany-Third grader, Patrick Stanford is learning to play Chess. "You have to think and you have to pay attention a lot," says Stanford. Thinking and paying attention is the last thing on most of these kids minds because today is the last day of school.

Stanford says "We have a party. We go to the cafeteria and get awards, honors." They're being honored with a day of fun because they've worked hard all year long. "We felt that they deserved a day of freedom to do what they want to do and socialize with their friends, " remarks their teacher Ms. Lane.

Ms. Lane allowed her students to bring in their favorite board games. Jaime Belk shows some of her fellow classmates how to play her favorite game, Blurt. "I am telling them what questions to do, explains Belk.

They'll play together today but these third graders have plans of their own this summer. Belk says "I'm going out of town and I'm going to kiddie college." "I'll either swim at my house or go to my grandmas," says Stanford.

Even Ms. Lane has something to look forward to. "A lot of sleep," remarks Ms. Lane

The third graders were treated to an end of the year party after their honors day program.

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