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Meth lab police summit

May 14, 2004

Albany -- Georgia's growing methamphetamine problem is bringing law enforcement officials together to map out strategy to battle the drug.

Federal, state, and local drug agents will hold a summit this summer to look for ways to curb the number of people using makeshift labs to make meth.

It doesn't take much to make a meth lab. Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Bill Berry said "Over the counter solvents." And a few steps later, you've got methamphetamine. "Dissolve this up and pour it through here into here. Circulate it over and over again. Trapping the binder that holds these pills together. Taking the liquid, drying it out, crystallizing it and that we get over here."

"It's epidemic. We see more and more of it daily."

In the last four years meth lab raids by police have skyrocketed. Berry said "You've got labs popping up all over the southwest portion of the state."

The illegal stimulant is popular because it is made from common ingredients, like Sudafed tablets and iodine.

Berry said "We really are having to react to it. And be prepared. And that's what this summit is supposed to do."

A summit on a highly addictive, dangerous drug that is consuming Georgia. The two day meth summit will begin August 17th in Atlanta.

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