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A BRAC delay could save MCLB

May 14, 2004

Albany-The Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany could be safe from closure for another two years. A House Committee approved a delay to the Federal government's next round of base closings and realignments, but the proposed delay is far from final. 

The Marine Corps Logistics Base has a considerable economic impact in South West Georgia. "3,300 jobs 220 million dollars annual pay roll," remarks Albany Chamber of Commerce Tim Martin.

Community leaders not only hope to keep the base open but also hope to increase jobs and payroll at the base, by increasing the roll of the Albany Base in America's defense. County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard says "We think we're the best and we're going to let the world know about it." "We're the very very vital ingrediant to the success of the marine effort," agrees Martin.

 Efforts for Base realignment and closure are scheduled to begin in March, 2005, but the House armed services committee voted Wednesday to delay BRAC for another two years. "There's along way to go though, the house will have to approve it, the sentae will have to approve it, the President will have to approve it to change the law," explains Martin.

 Change is what community leaders are expecting. If the base continues to grow, Martin says "We are going to make the argument that MCLB Albany and the Albany community can grow and can expand."  If the base is forced to close, leaders say they will be ready. Mayor Wille Adams says "I think we should forge ahead and work as if we still have a problem" "We are going to proceed full speed ahead, making sure that we're prepared," explains Martin.

The BRAC process is designed to make the military more efficient and organized and to save money.

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