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New businesses opening downtown

May 13, 2004

Albany-Ana Condit, Kate Whiting and Julia Temples used to drive to Atlanta to shop for clothes.

But they decided it was time to bring more shopping to Albany.

"I wanted to do furniture and she wanted to do clothes," Temples said.

So in a store called Envy on Broad Avenue, they're doing clothes and furniture, plus shoes, jewelry and home accessories. The store opens next Wednesday. By bringing beautiful things to women to Albany, they're helping beautify downtown.

"We love it down here," Temples said.

"We've watched it grow for three years now and it's just amazing," said Whiting.

They're not the only ones who feel that way.

"Ours is a little bit different. I call old time southern barbecue," Mark Thornhill said as he dipped chipped barbecue out of a large, covered pan.

You can find it at Walker's Barbecue on Broad. Thornhill recently opened up the restaurant to bring more eating options to what should be the heart of the city.

"There's not a whole lot of places to eat," he said. "Only a handful and we feel like we can fit into that niche for an everyday lunch crowd."

But if you want dinner, you can get that there too.

Just a couple doors down, you can find a new way to travel downtown or anywhere else you want to go. Matt's Motorbikes moved here in April and have scooters and mopeds of all kinds. New businesses downtown are great, but it's good to maintain old ones that have lasted through the years. For 33 years, Save-A-Bit offered home accessories at reasonable prices. Under new ownership, it's Skywater Interior & Gardens.

"If a business could survive that long, I think that the future that Albany has downtown, is just going to make this business much better," said co-owner Steve Brimberry.

All the new downtown entrepreneurs are counting on that.

"There's not really a lot of places like this in Albany, where it's got really great prices and stylish clothes, trendy clothes that you can't get here in Albany," Condit said.

So they're hoping a trip downtown will keep some women from envying out-of-town stores.

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