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Move over law carries stiff fine

May 11, 2004

Albany -- When you pass an emergency vehicle, you must move over one lane from them, or it could cost you. Georgia law enforcers are starting to get serious about what they call the "move over law."

A police officer pulls over a car on the side of the roadway. Lt. Leonard Bell said "Partially the officer and the vehicle are on the road, and that can pose a significant threat."

Now Georgia law says passing motorists are required to move over one complete lane to keep the officer and pulled-over vehicle safe. Lt. Bell said, "If the driver can not move over for reasons of traffic or safety, that driver must be prepared to stop."

We staged this stop and notice the cars do not move over a lane but drive next to the officer. This is a violation, and Lt. Bell says they will start ticketing drivers soon.

Lt. Bell said, "It's at least a 500 dollar fine, and that's enough to catch most people attention."

Studies have shown that some drivers fixate on emergency vehicles flashing lights, and drift into them. Officers hope the "Move Over Law" will help. "it's all about saving lives."

The Move over law went into effect in Georgia in July 2003. Police Officers and state patrol want you to understand to move over one lane for everyone's safety.

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