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Major medical school expands to Albany

May 12, 2004

Albany - The Medical College of Georgia will open its first clinical campus in Albany. Phoebe Putney Hospital will be the model for the state.

The new clinical campus is a test to see if more should be opened up around Georgia. It's expected to expand programs and keep future doctors in south Georgia.

Dr. Payton knocks to see her patient, "Hey, Mr. Dickey. How are you doing?" He says, "Fantastic!"

Fantastic because Dr. Payton Barrett is taking care of him. She asks him, "You having any belly pain this morning?" He answers with a smile, "Everything seems to be on the right track this morning."

And Dr. Barrett is on the right track for her career. She explains, "I graduated from M.C.G. in May of 2003, so, not too long ago." The former Medical College of Georgia student did clinical rotations at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. She adds, "All the residents and hospital staff seemed to enjoy their job which I thought was cool."

So, she continued to come back to Albany. Now, she's a resident or doctor in training. Her alma mater announced plans to bring a clinical campus to the place she fell in love with. Medical College of Georgia Professor Dr. Andy Albritton, says, "Based on their clinical experiences, the physicians, the quality of the healthcare provided here in Albany it was one of those situations, where else would we go besides Albany?"

The mini medical school will be inside this auditorium at the old Albany Middle School. It's across the street from Phoebe Putney. Dr. Barrett thinks it's a good thing, "I think it's going to be wonderful. I think it will give medical students an opportunity to work in a community sort of atmosphere."

Albany will be the Medical College of Georgia's first regional clinical campus in Georgia. Dr. Barrett admits, "I didn't interview anywhere else, I focused on Albany." A focus that other future doctors may find from the future campus.

The Medical College of Georgia are looking into the possibility to create more clinical campuses at hospitals all around Georgia.

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