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New traffic hardware makes city safer

May 12, 2004

Thomasville-- A $2 million project is underway in Thomasville, and will soon be complete.

The corner of Broad and Jackson is busy most any time of day. Out of towners may not see the lights, but soon that will end, because new traffic lights and will soon be turned on.

Thomasville is growing, and so is the traffic count. That's one of the reasons 27 intersections are getting new traffic signals.

Another reason is technology. "We're upgrading because technology is advancing so that we're upgrading the particular signals and just providing better equipment at these intersections,” said Sonja Thompson of the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Equipment that is also more visible, making these intersections safer for drivers, especially out-of-towners. "It didn't catch your eye, you're looking overhead for one, and then you get to one that's on the side, and it's in a different location." said Thompson.

In addition to upgrading technology and making the streets safer, the traffic lights should also improve traffic flow; a big plus in this congested area. "It will help the flow of traffic through town where you don't have as many stops to make, you're not stopping possibly at every light," Thompson said.

But get ready to make some stops for the new lights very soon. "In the next few weeks they should be, you should start seeing the old signals come down and the new ones turned on.”

And when you look up at those new traffic lights, you'll see cameras on top of many of them. Those aren't for issuing tickets for speeding or running red lights; they’re actually sensors.

The Department of transportation is getting ready to launch several other projects in Thomasville, including a $500,000 Streetscape pPoject on Madison Street.

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